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We specialize in deep technology investment.

Celesta investments target deep technology sectors that will lay the groundwork for the next generation of technological advancements. We are singularly focused on pinpointing the systems and technology advancements that will redefine
the “leading-edge” and affect technology paradigm shifts.

The Celesta team has the experience and technology expertise to analyze the landscape of today and identify the technology solutions that will define the world of tomorrow. Today, we focus on five primary areas of investment.

Intellectual capital is the Celesta advantage.

Decades of business operations experience, along with invaluable network connections and deep technical expertise, allows us to support Celesta portfolio companies with much more than simply financial capital alone.

Industry Leadership

CXO and VP roles in Semiconductor, Manufacturing, Systems, Diagnostics and Financial Services

Deep Insights

Hundreds of patents, thousands of publications, and industry experience in the trenches

Influence & Recognition

37 years as CEOs, 44 businesses launched, thousands of former employees and peers

Strong partnerships fuel our success.

Through close mentorship and ongoing support, we build proven long-term value for founders and investors. We offer a hands-on approach to helping our portfolio companies strategize, grow, navigate significant inflection points, and fulfill their potential.

We leverage our network to recruit top executive talent, facilitate commercial relationships with technology ecosystem leaders, strategize best exit outcomes, and provide strategic insight through our advisor network.

Ideas to Industries

Assembling motivated founders to target unique market opportunities

Executive Talent

Driving pivotal talent decisions to tackle growth challenges

Operational Improvement

Supporting refinement of product and operations strategies

Strategic Partnerships

Helping forge partnerships that accelerate R&D, commercialization, and market expansion

Our investment approach is unique.

Differentiated Deal Flow

Celesta deals are primarily sourced through our strong network of relationships with entrepreneurs, academia, investment ecosystem stakeholders and co-founders, who seek us out due to our track record as operating executives.

Value and Velocity

In addition to targeting emerging technologies, we evaluate portfolio investments based upon the speed and ease with which they can create high-margin value and scale up globally. Where necessary, our team leverages domain expertise, operational and entrepreneurial experience, and network of relationships, to enhance value and velocity for our portfolio companies.

Sequential Financing

We prepare our portfolio companies for each investment stage by engaging the right co-investors, identifying sequential investors, and aligning investment time horizons. Identifying “Step Change” opportunities – scale financing, partnerships, M&A – is a critical criteria of our selection process and ongoing strategic reviews.

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John Doe
CEO, Innovium
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