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Steve Fu


Dr. Steve Fu has built a career appreciably increasing corporate value through technology investments and incubation, M&A, and restructuring. Prior to Celesta, he was the chief strategy officer of Fairchild Semiconductors, a recognized leader of power and energy management solutions. Steve led Fairchild’s central R&D teams, new business incubation, partnerships, restructuring, and acquisitions. Prior to this, Steve drove corporate strategy development at Maxim Integrated Products as well as VMware’s desktop virtualization business, a leading enterprise software company. During the last four years of Steve's eleven-year career at Cisco, he developed and executed strategies for Cisco’s strategic semiconductor practice and emerging technology, consumer, and China investments.

Focus Areas

Consumer Electronics
Data Infrastructure
Enterprise Solutions


Success is built not on a single decision, but on a series of good decisions. When you make a bad decision, have the honesty to admit it, recognize it, and change course.


Steve Fu



Steve Fu

What are the most important things for a founder to think about to build and scale a successful business?

Throughout my career, I have always preached to my team and to our portfolio companies that the first thing we must understand is the end application and the value you're offering to the end user. If we do that, we can create a business of value. Rather than a technology looking for application, you must connect those two things in the very early days.

Then the other critical piece is intellectual honesty. There will be many things you must prove and validate. Companies must be honest about what they are likely going to go through to take a technology from a concept all the way to a viable product. Success is built not on a single decision, but on a series of good decisions. When you make a bad decision, have the honesty to admit it, recognize it, and change course. These are often painful decisions, but better to endure that than being overly prideful and continuing down the wrong path, which creates more problems later.


How do you approach supporting and advising founders and CEOs?

At a high level, I support companies I work with in my areas of expertise, which is the intersection of deep technology and product business strategies, that can create the largest market impact within the shortest amount of time. That said, there isn’t a single recipe for all. Some companies have very seasoned serial entrepreneurs who have done it repeatedly and know from previous experience what to do. In those cases, they may ask you for advice and critical exploration of new product directions. Or they might need introduction to the right contacts, either potential partners, customers, or executive hires.

For the first-time entrepreneurs, who are learning about the process of building the foundation for a great company, it’s often much broader. It's about how to operate in a way that drives speed and execution and establishing the right team and culture. I think the establishment of a culture that's unique to the start-up and focuses on a passion for their mission is super important. It reinforces a mindset that prioritizes the company over single individuals.  


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